Saturday, June 9, 2012

Alphabet Food Cutters

 Leave special messages in someone's bento lunch, on a birthday cake, or teach your child to read using food!

This cleverly designed alphabet cutter set has all the letters of the alphabet on three rings, which is much less fiddly than dealing with 26 separate shape cutters!  It also has a heart-shape cutter to add an extra sweet touch to your message, or create flowers by cutting out four hearts together, as shown in the picture below.

Letters are 11mm tall and cutting depth is 5mm.
Use the blunt end of a toothpick to eject the letters from the cutter if necessary.
Only letter outlines are cut out, so letters such as O, A, P etc have solid middles.  If you like, use a toothpick to make an indent in the middle.

Alphabet food cutters  $4.50 /set        SORRY SOLD OUT
Sorry... LJM Bento Shop is closed as I am living in Australia now.


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