I'm Shinobu, (a.k.a. Jane) a half Japanese-Australian.  
More about me: Click here for a post I wrote about myself: Half Japanese Shinobu, Half Australian Jane
We sometimes live in Japan and sometimes Australia.  While we lived in Australia, we couldn't live without Japanese food, so our kitchen was our "little Japan".
We love having Japanese dinner parties with our friends and I was often asked for advice on Japanese cooking.  So eventually this is what we came up with - Little Japan Mama. 
  • Meal Recipes is a collection of everyday favorite meals in our home.  Naturally, Japanese.
  • Sweet Recipes is a few of my most popular Japanese Pastries and Sweets.
  • Food and Travel in Japan Posts from my recent sightseeing adventures in Japan and my best insider travel tips.
Since I first learnt cooking from my Japanese Mama, who learnt from her Mama, who learnt from her Mama, who learnt from all the Mama ancestors, I give credit to all the Mamas who came before me. ^_^ 

Enjoy your little Japan experience!
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