Friday, May 16, 2014

Double Tier Bento Box Set Jewellunch

Cute, super compact, double tier bento box set!

It has everything you need to enjoy your lunch:  Two separate, lidded bento compartments, your choice of fork + spoon or chopsticks and a bento band to hold it all together.

Place rice in one compartment and okazu (things you eat with rice: chicken, sausage, egg, broccoli, cherry tomatoes) in the other compartment.
Use the upper box alone as an okazu box to take along with onigiri (rice balls), or for a small lunch.

The lower box nests inside the upper box, making it super-compact for carrying home and storage.

Size: S   
Upper+Lower Compartment Capacity:  500mL    
Outer dimensions: width 160mm x height 83mm x width 80mm
Upper compartment:  320mL  (inner dimensions 150x70mm)   
Lower compartment:  180mL (145x65mm)

Microwave safe for reheating (with all lids removed) and heat resistant to 120°C /248°F.  
(Lids not heat resistant.)
Not for use with soupy foods - not watertight.