Decoben Molds + Cutters

...and my Favorite Japanese Kitchen Tools
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I've only listed here items that I like, selected for ease of use, versatility and excellent results. 
NOTE: LJM BENTO SHOP IS CLOSED as I am living in Australia now.  Sorry!
I have left the product pages simply as my own review of the products.

❤Made in Japan❤ Yudetama-Gokko Animal Egg Moulds  

❤favorite❤      Nori face punch 

❤favorite❤    Mini-Onigiri Flower and Bear Rice Molds   

❤favorite❤  ❤Made in Japan❤ Three-hole Mayonaise Bottle  - Decorate okonomiyaki, salads etc  

Mini Onigiri Rabit Bear Flower Star   4 in 1 Rice Mould   
❤Made in Japan❤ ❤favorite❤ Flower Shape Vegetable Cutters (made in Japan) 

❤Made in Japan❤ Egg Mold - Star and Heart  
(Your eggs will look amazing when you slice them in half!)

❤Made in Japan❤  Mini-Onigiri Rice Mold  Make 3 triangular mini-onigiri at a time.  

❤Made in Japan❤ Pan-Pita Japanese Sandwich Maker 

❤made in Japan❤    ❤favorite❤ Full-size Onigiri Mold-Case  

❤Made in Japan❤ Onigiri Rice Mold - Heart and Flower  

 ❤Made in Japan❤ Easy Nigiri    Sushi Rice Mould   

  Flower Shape Vegetable Cutters  (made in China) 

❤Ochibi loves this!❤  Kid-size Onigiri Mold-Case  


  1. Deb (Sydney, Australia)Tuesday, June 05, 2012 10:15:00 PM

    I purchased some egg molds, silicone cups and the Nigiri Sushi maker. Shinobu is right when she said they are easy to use and you get excellent results. In fact I placed another order yesteray for more items. My daughter (12) loves to cook and I have been teaching her for many years. These cooking tools are easy to use and have opened the door to Japanese cooking for her. I highly recommend them. The little Nigiri Sushi Maker is great, we just have to perfect our Sushi rice. We hope Shinobu posts a recipe soon!

    1. Thanks Deb☆ Sure, I'll do a post on how to make sushi rice! For now, I'll let you know the vinegar mixture: 2 Tbsp vinegar, 2 Tbsp sugar, 1/2 tsp salt. Mix it into freshly cooked (hot) rice, (medium grain or sushi rice) turning the rice with a rice paddle while you fan it. My mother taught me that I should keep doing that till it's cool, but I just cover it with wrap until it's cool, and the resulting sushi rice is still great! (When you cook the rice beforehand, make sure you don't use too much water - a little less than usual is best.)