Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kawaii Chopstick and Case Sets

Don't just eat your bento with cute chopsticks, carry them in an adorable matching case!

Update: Sorry, Bento Shop is closed.  I hope you enjoy the recipes on this website instead!

Silicone Pancake/Egg Rings

These silicone pancake/egg rings produce the most adorable shaped pancakes and eggs.  The wide silicone base fits snugly to the surface of your frypan and helps to prevent egg or pancake mixture from escaping.  (Although a little may escape here and there, I think they work better than the old style metal ones!)

Rabbit, Bear, Heart and Star shape are perfect for eggs or small pancakes.
Large Bear is the right size for regular-sized pancakes.

Use your imagination with other ingredients!  Use in the frypan or oven.

(Archive) Mini Onigiri Mold Set - Flower and Bear

 What I love about these is the 3-dimensional shape of the top of the onigiri!  The flower petals are rounded and the centre of the flower is indented, just like a real flower!
And the place for the bear's nose is indented so you can place a little ball of rice in a different colour for his nose.

The flower and bear mini onigiri molds make perfect-sized onigiri for my little Ochibi's bento box.

Their small size also makes them easier for a small child to eat.

Very easy to use, just fill, press and push the white backing to eject.  (The molds have a hold in the base to poke your finger through.)
Flower 4.5cm diameter

Mini Heart Silicone Cups

 These adorable little silicone heart cups are the perfect size for umeboshi or other small portions of  Japanese pickles.

They are also the perfect size for making gorgeous heart-shaped chocolates!

Oven, Microwave and Freezer Safe  -40°C to 230°C

Mini Heart Silicone Chocolate/Dessert Cups  Set of 10  $3.50

Hapimogu Food Drawing Pen

Fill with sauce or (liquid) food and draw faces or whatever you like!  Includes a 1mm and a 2mm drawing tip and a lid so you can store it in the refrigerator.

I haven't actually used this one, it was a special request from a friend.

Hapimogu Food Drawing Pen  $3.50

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mini Onigiri Triangular Rice Mold

This is probably my most-used onigiri mold.  It makes onigiri which are small enough for my two-year old to handle.  It is also great for shaping rice for inside your bento box.

Wrap your mini onigiri in seaweed, roll them in sesame seeds, put faces on them!  There are endless variations to the mini onigiri you can prepare with this.

It is very easy to use.  Just wet the mold, fill with rice, push the top on, tip it over and push them out.  The pink parts have a textured inner surface to reduce rice sticking.


Mini Onigiri Rice Mold     Sale Price: $3.30
Sorry... LJM Bento Shop is closed and no longer selling anything as I am living in Australia now.

3-Hole Mayonaise Bottle for Okonomiyaki

 Did you wonder how I did the mayonaise decoration on my okonomiyaki?  It was really easy.  This is the secret tool to impress your friends with!

Quickly and easily decorates Salads, Bento, Okonomiyaki or Takoyaki.  A must if you want to use mayonaise on sushi!  In Australia we bought the 1kg bottles of Japanese mayonaise (cheaper per gram), and they had big mouths, which meant mayonaise could only be squeezed out in fat blobs.  
So after I got one of these I kept the big bottle at the back of the fridge and used it to refill this one.  We love it because it efficiently uses our precious Japanese mayonnaise without waste!

3-Hole Mayonnaise Bottle  300ml

5-hole Mayonnaise Bottle
360 ml
**********OUT OF STOCK**************

Furikake is Now in our Shop!

"Furikake" means "sprinkle on", and it turns rice into a delicious treat! 
Most of these furikake are "Mazekomi" ("mix-in") and are designed especially for mixing into rice for delicious and easy onigiri, or the rice for your bento lunchbox.  

(UPDATE:  Sorry!   I'm not selling these anymore...)

1)  Pickled Ume-plum and Salt with Black Sesame and Kamaboko (fish cake) Flowers:

2) Black sesame and salt:

3)  Colourful Vegetable and Wakame Mix-In:

4) Colourful Sea-vegetable and Wakame Mix-In:

5)  Vegetable and Wakame Mix-In

Sesame seeds, salt, kamaboko(Japanese fish cake), ume (Japanese plum), MSG, emulsifier, flavour.

Colourful Vegetable and Wakame Mix-in: 
Wakame (seaweed), Daikon leaf (giant white radish), sesame seeds, salt, carrot, pumpkin, sugar, red capsicum, lactose, spinach, glucose, shiso leaf, soy sauce, palm oil, MSG, Vitamin E, Carotinoid Colour.
(may contain traces of wheat)

Sea-vegetable and Wakame Mix-in: 
Wakame (seaweed), sesame seeds, salt, red algae, lactose, soy sauce, sugar, hijiki, kelp, soy product, calcium, palm oil, fish extract, aosa (sea lettuce), green tea, MSG, caramel colour, Vitamin E
(may contain traces of wheat)

Daikon leaf, wakame, salt, sesame seeds, sugar, palm oil, MSG

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Aonori (Seaweed flakes for Okonomiyaki)

This is ao-nori, the seaweed flakes for Okonomiyaki.  It is also delicious on Yakisoba noodles, Takoyaki and other dishes.

Aonori 30g bag $2.50  Only available to Australia

Hide-and-Seek Bento Picks

I found these colourful bento picks quite amusing! ^_^
From the top, you see:
a Flower,
a Lion,
a Four-leaf Clover and
a Butterfly.
But when you look closer, you’ll see who’s hiding underneath!
a Kappa (green mythical water creature)
an Oni (monster)
a Girl and
a Boy.

Each measures approx 4 cm in length.  (Approx 1.5 inch)

Hide and Seek Bento Picks  Set of 8  (2 of each)      $3.00

Silicone Baran Bento Dividers Bear Grass

 Silicone Baran Bento Dividers
These cute Silicone Bento Dividers will cleanly separate each okazu and rice in your bento box.  Textured sides to help them stay vertical.

Width: 7.5cm and 3.8 cm      Height: 4cm           
Width: 3 inch and 1.5 inch    Height: 1.5 inch, 
Microwave and Freezer Safe  

Silicone Baran - Bear Set of 3   $2.80  SOLD OUT
Silicone Baran - Grass Set of 3   $2.80  

Silicone Baran Set of Three