Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Strawberry Cream Puffs recipe いちごシュークリーム

Japanese cream puffs - the crispy choux shell contrasting with the dreamy vanilla bean custard cream filling - are (still) my favorite desert. I hope I don't sound biased, but I think my recipe for Crispy Shell Cream Puffs is the best.
Add strawberries and I think life is complete.
Can you believe, my sister had never made Japanese style cream puffs before? This was her first time, she made them for my birthday and they were amazing.
Which just goes to show, YOU can make these. And they will be amazing.
Perhaps they didn't puff quite as high as some batches I've made before, but they did puff, and they were crispy and delicious. I was very impressed.
Here it it is using American measurements:
Recipe for Crispy Shell Cream Puffs American measurements

Just add sliced strawberries while filling them and they turn into something magical.
The cream puffs from my recipe are just a little more substantial than the light-as-air cream puffs from Beard Papa's. I prefer these.
It was a delicious birthday. My mother made Sukiyaki for our extended family.
These pictures are of the cream puff leftovers the next morning. (Sorry we already ate all the big ones! lol) After taking these shots I consumed all three. It was so good.
Thanks Mum. Thanks Sis.


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