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Japanese Sweets and Pastries
Modern (Okashi お菓子) and Traditional (Wagashi 和菓子)
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Okashi お菓子

Crispy Shell Japanese Cream Puffs Recipe (Shu Cream)
Japanese Cream Puffs Recipe ☆ US cups and ounces

Japanese Street Crepes
What makes these "Japanese" Crepes is the cone-shape and the choices of fillings.  Crepe shops sell these with a paper wrapping so they can be eaten in the hand like an ice-cream cone.

Wagashi 和菓子

Kurikinton  A sweet paste of candied chestnut and Japanese sweet potato, kurikinton has a unique, delicate flavour that is enjoyed by adults and also makes a yummy treat for my kids. 

Special Occasion

Japanese Christmas Cake (Dome)