Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Japanese Street Crepes Recipe

1 cup SR flour
3 eggs
1 and 3/4 cups milk (room temp, or microwaved 30sec) 
30g melted butter (1oz)
1 Tbsp sugar
a pinch of salt
  1. Sift flour, sugar, pinch salt into a bowl (preferrably a jug-bowl)
  2. Beat in eggs and half the milk.  Beat until all lumps are gone.
  3. Add the rest of the milk, add butter and beat again.
  4. Stand at room temperature 15-30min (depending on your patience)
  5. Pour a little into a pre-heated, non-stick frypan and immediately tip the frypan to let the batter spread all over the frypan (can use a regular frypan, greased with a tiny bit of butter)  (another option is to spread the batter with a crepe tool or teppanyaki/okonomiyaki spatula)  Cook over med-high heat until underside is golden-brown. (about 2 min)
  6. Lift the edges of the crepe and flip the crepe  (I find this easiest to do with my fingers, as the crepe is so thin) Cook just 30 sec or so on the second side.
  7. Fill the Crepes however you like.
makes 10-12 crepes in a 30cm frypan (this is much smaller than the crepes in the crepe shops in japan)
Tips for making Cone-shaped Japanese Street Crepes:
  1. Place fillings on just one quarter of the crepe.  Do not go past the centre-point or it will be difficult to fold.
  2. If adding ice-cream, use just a tiny scoop (unless you have a very large frypan or crepe maker like the shops use) Other things you could put inside are: creme caramel, brownie, cheesecake.
  3. Fold the crepe in half, with the centre of the filling on the fold line.  
  4. Next, roll the crepe, starting from the filled part, pivoting on the centre point until you have created a cone.

My favorite crepe: Strawberries, Ice-cream and Fresh Cream

To make Chocolate Crepes, just add 3 Tbsp sifted pure cocoa to this recipe.

Savoury Crepes make a nice lunch.  See photos below for ideas.

My recipe above isn't really how they make them in the Japanese Street Crepe Shops, because they have proper equipment.  This recipe is just so you and I can make them at home when all we have is a frypan!  

To make them crispier, flip again (back to the first side) and cook on medium heat for another minute.  This also works well with day-old crepes that you kept in the fridge.

My Inspiration:
Update (June 2012) Marion Crepes are way better than Sweetbox!  From Marion Crepes I had a Strawberries, cream and cheesecake crepe!  It was amazing! Sorry I didn't take a photo! (My little Ochibi couldn't wait to eat it, nor could I!) It's #48 in the photo menu, 6th photo down.

These photos I took when I went shopping in Harajuku last week.

I had a: Strawberries Chocolate Sauce and cream. 380 yen

The Menu of one of the Crepe shops in Harajuku:
This one's been here since 1976 so I'm guessing it's the original Harajuku Street Crepes Shop:
Here's its menu:

Another Crepe Shop in Harajuku:


  1. It looks fantastic! But how many of those crepe skins does it make every batter?

  2. @Blurb. My 30cm frypan's base is 25cm so this recipe makes 10-12 crepes each time. If you have a larger frypan or crepe pan it will make a fewer number. For each crepe, pour only enough batter to make a circle 1/2 the diameter of the frypan, and then turn the frypan to let it spread to the whole base of the frypan. I also use a teppanyaki tool to spread it a little more if needed. To make your crepes crispy, they must be very thin, especially around the edges. Enjoy!☆

  3. I LOVE Marion Crepes!!! They had the best crepes in Harajuku for sure! ^^

    1. Nikki that's awesome☆ Next time I go to Harajuku I'll try Marion Crepes!

    2. Nikki! I tried them! Marion Crepes are definitely the BEST!!

  4. I am glad I found this site. Thank you. I'm looking for a subscription box.........

  5. This is amazing! I am so happy that I decided to search Japanese Street Crepes Recipe!
    I cannot wait to try these out! And I plan to be buying some of your bentou and and the accessories! It's really hard to find such items here. And at such fantastic prices!!!
    I look forward to seeing more recipes! Good Luck and Happy Cooking!


  6. Hi I came across your blog while trying to make Japanese crepes. I made tuna mayo crepes for lunch today. It definitely takes practice. My first two were awful, the third pretty bad and finally the fourth was ok. Thanks for the info!

  7. This taste lie oh my god heaven :P daisuke oishi

  8. A really simple one is while the crepe is still on the pan, put shredded cheese (we buy ours from the market) and let it melt onto the crepe. Fold it up, and it tastes so delicious!

  9. I want to get one when I go to Japan in July o.O I don't want to have a bad one first, I want them to delicious from the get-go XD

    THEN I will try making one ;)

  10. Replies
    1. For crispier crepes you could try cooking it longer, that's one way. I often make the crepes ahead of time, then when serving, I put each crepe back in the frypan for a short time to reheat. This makes them nice and crisp. They don't stay crisp very long, so straight from frypan to serving is best. Good luck!☆

  11. che sballo le crepes da asporto!!! ottima ricetta con fragole e panna !

    1. Hi, would you please comment only in English or Japanese, thanks!

  12. The cream is different from the Italian one ... is very good. Could you give me the recipe? Thank you ^ ^

  13. I've tried this recipe. I'm from Europe and I can tell you that this is not what crepe tastes like at all! The chocolate ones are nice but whithout cocoa powder it tastes too eggy. Never use more than 1 egg for crepes!

  14. The above given recipe is really very nice. It is easy and tastes good. Thanks for such a great recipe.

  15. I really want to make these, but what is SR flour??

  16. Can I use all-purpose flour instead of SR flour?

    1. Sure, if you use all-purpose flour, sift in 1tsp baking powder together with the flour.

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  18. Hi! Are you based in Japan? I travel to Japan frequently and would like to know if you provide private cooking lessons? I would like to learn to make Japanese crepe and bring them back to hometown to sell :)

    1. Hi i want too do the hometown business,I want to know what accessories I need, if you can help me, please Write me, thanks ;)

    2. Hi i want too do the hometown business,I want to know what accessories I need, if you can help me, please Write me, thanks ;)