❤Side Dishes

A typical Japanese meal consists of rice, a main such as fish, and several small side dishes.  Here is my collection (in progress) of those small dishes which add variety to your meal.

Hiyayakko - Deliciously fresh, it is simply Cold Silken Tofu with Soy Sauce.  Great as an easy side to any Japanese meal.

Kouhaku Namasu lightly pickled daikon (radish) and carrot salad

Tazukuri - (Kozakana) Tiny dried fish, cooked with sugar, mirin, sake and soy sauce, and sprinkled with sesame seeds and walnuts if you like.

Corn Potage  Classic Japanese Yoshoku snack soup, so easy to make at home.


  1. I loved your Kouhaku Namasu recipe it went really well with grilled beef ^^

  2. I'm loving this site and all of your wonderful information and pictures. Thank you :) Please continue! I'd love to see more :)!!! I just made pickled veggies....

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