Monday, September 26, 2011


100 yen shops are one of my favorite things in Japan.  Here is just a small sample of Seria, a popular 100 yen chain in Kansai and Chubu.
And this is also your selection platter for the 
(in addition to the Japanese food items listed earlier)
Please comment below telling me what you'd like if you could choose 2 or 4 items from these photos.  (That will give you a better chance of getting what you really want when you win!)  
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Bento Boxes and Onigiri Boxes
Cutlery and chopstick sets to take with your Obento Lunch
This is what I always use in the shower: A Japanese Body Washing Towel.  They foam up nicely and do a nice exfoliation. made of nylon.
Japanese often use House Slippers inside the House
Face washers. Japanese Women always carry one of these in their handbag/purse

False Eyelashes
False Eyelash Glue and False Eyelash Cases 
Eyelash Curlers (my favorite. they always come with a spare rubber)
Hair Accessories 
Hair Accessories (the flowers are especially for wearing with a Yukata or Kimono)
Hairpins (my favorite)
Learner Chopsticks for kids, drink bottle cap with straw etc
Chopstick Sets 
Cute Kids Chopsticks, Pretty Chopsticks, Traditional Design Chopsticks

Lunchbox Picks for eating Fruit

Pouches/Pencil cases/ Makeup Cases
Cute little socks and long socks 
Tights and nylons
Miso Soup Bowls and other bowls


  1. I like the Lunch box picks and the miso soup bowls. I miss Japan when you put up pictures about Japan. I hope you are having a great time!

  2. i absolutely loved 100 yen shop when i was over there, i am so jealous right now, wish i could go shopping with you, i would love to win the bento boxes and kids boxes, especially the miso soup bowls..and false lashes and body towel... and oh wait why don't you buy the whole store for me lol ;-).. one day.. i will go back to Japan :-)

  3. I love the the cute pink bento box with the animals on it and also the pencil case with the strawberries! The hello kitty stuff is also kawaii! :)

  4. All these are really awesome & kawai!, But I have already choose and if I will win, I will take what you choose for me^^ all

  5. Yay!!! I really like all these colorful shelves!!!
    the false Eyelashes,the hair accessories <3, the lovely lunchbox picks, and also the cute house Slippers with butterfly & sakura flower^^
    Like the Hello Kitty stuffs too :)
    But, I can't request more :( I wrote in my previous comment my choice, a Japanese lunchbox and a pair of Japanese Chopsticks <3, If I will be one of the lucky winners, I'll take what you will pick for me, cause all of these are cute^^
    Real thanks for you!!
    I appreciate that you would like to make happy and satisfy the preference of each one^^.

  6. I loved looking at all of your photos; reminds me of the stores in Korea. If I could choose ~ I'd like 3 bento boxes (we have 2 boys & 1 girl). The lunchbox picks (for eating fruit) are cute too ^^. Thank you

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  10. Hyakkinkan is an acronym for "100yen shops, about which we have no homework".More 100 yen shops in Kyoto/Osaka area here Shawarma is a popular fast food in Middle-East countries. The yummy meat needs to be grilled and this delicate process would ruin the taste of the sandwich sometimes. Here is a traditional 100 yen shop which serves delicious shawarmas that satisfied my cravings while on vacation.

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