Monday, August 29, 2011


"Okonomi" means "the way you like it" and "Yaki" means "cook" or "grill".  

There are many ways to make Okonomiyaki. 

The main divisions are Hiroshima style and Kansai style.  
Mine is similar to my mother's style, and she's from Kansai.
You can add things like kani-kamaboko, prawns, squid or oysters to the mixture,
put leftover yakisoba in the middle
or even mochi and cheese.

I use negi (shallots) in my okonomiyaki.  
I used the white part (lower half) in the mixture, 
and the green part for sprinkling on top.

Okonomiyaki is popular with non-Japanese.  
My Australian workmates love it so I've made it for them a few times.  
Although the main ingredient is cabbage, even someone who hates cabbage likes okonomiyaki.  

So if you've never tried Japanese cooking, this is a pretty safe one to start with.

Eventually you will find your favorite version, and that will be your very own "okonomiyaki"!


  1. Anne-Marie> You're welcome! Enjoy your okonomiyaki!❤

  2. Yumm! Thanks for posting this, lovely lady.. I can't wait to try making it!

  3. Tara> I'm sure you'll be an Okonomiyaki Pro in no time!

  4. my students mother sent me a kilo pocket of lourmix for okonomiyaki, however i can read japanese so i have been guessing lol..i a cup of the flour mix and a cup water and 1 egg and mix it with cabbage and it always turned out good :-) and oh by the way i found a shave shaved pork in the Korean supermarket (looks like the one they use in Japan) i think i will make Okonomiyaki tonight for dinner since i have all the ingredients! :-)