Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wearing Yukatas at Riverfire 2011

One of my favorite things in Japan is dressing in a yukata and going to the Fireworks festivals, which are held all over Japan in August.  
This year we're living in Australia, so we missed out...
Brisbane Riverfire by little japan mama
...wait, no we didn't!!
This is the Brisbane Riverfire, held usually on the first Saturday of September (first of spring).  The Brisbane River is beautiful, don't you think?
 Yeah, this is one of my favorite things in Brisbane.  If you visit Brisbane, early September is a good time if you like one-of-a-kind fireworks.
Riverfire fireworks on the Story Bridge Brisbane, viewed from Kangaroo Point
Brisbane's Riverfire is special as the fireworks are not just from a single platform, but from three iconic locations along the river, from the tops of skyscrapers, and from the historic Story Bridge.  It's like the whole city is going up in fireworks!

My friends and I started a tradition two years ago of having a Yukata Party at Riverfire, with Japanese and Japanese speaking friends.  

This year we decided to go just as a family.  We love it.  

Yes, we are the only people in Brisbane wearing Yukatas.  
Yes, some people point.  
And people always smile at us.
But this year, it was "Oh, look at the baby!  So cute!"
Riverfire Viewing Location: This year we watched from the top of Kangaroo Point cliffs (River Terrace, near the temple)  The view was amazing.  I think we had the best spot in Brisbane. We got there at 6:15, 45 min before the fireworks started, and we were just lucky.  Previously our favorite spot was the bottom of the cliffs, right by the river, which we find is less crowded, but also has a great view.

Parking: We always find free parking in the streets near the Gabba Stadium, 10 min walk away.

This is my boy at the end of a good night out:


  1. awwww! your little boy is so cute!!!

    i would think that the place near the temple would be a great place too. was it crowded?

  2. Anne-Marie> Thanks Sweetie! I'm sure we had the best seat in Brisbane! (well, standing spot!) Yes, by the time the fireworks started at 7, it was crowded there. But we got there at 6:15 and it wasn't over-crowded, so we found a nice spot, with room enough to spread a little sheet and sit and eat our dinner :) By about 6:45 we were all standing.

  3. The Brisbane fireworks is good but watching fireworks in Japan is much better T_T..
    Hope to visit Japan in festivals month, and wear Yukata & geta sandals :)
    Adorable and cute boy^^

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