Friday, January 6, 2012

Dreaming of ❤Pai Shu❤

 Have you tried these yet?  
I can't get enough of the delicate crispy shell and the vanilla bean custard cream.
Here's my recipe with step-by-step photos: (click the link)
Yes, I know, I've posted about Pai Shu Cream Puffs/Shuu Cream a few times already.
I admit.  I'm addicted.
So I made them again.
This time they brought quite spectacular facial expressions to everyone in my workplace who I shared them with.
Like a little surprise because they'd never had anything quite like it before.
It was all worth it.

I guess I could buy a tray of Beard Papa's Cream Puffs.
Or make some...let me see, $72 for 24 cream puffs at Beard Papa's vs under $4 to make them.

Will anyone offer to make them for me?

(By the way, I've tweaked my recipe again and added some more tips, so if you make them using my recipe now, they're even better.)

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