Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hiyayakko - How to Serve Cold Tofu with Soy Sauce

Hiyayakko is one of my favorite ways to have tofu, and there is nothing simpler to prepare.
Newcomers to the world of Japanese food might consider this a little on the adventurous side, but if you've had it once or twice, you may find yourself craving it at some point.

Hiyayakko is simply cold tofu with a little soy sauce poured over it, and usually topped with things such as:
  • Katsuo-bushi
  • Negi (shallots/green spring onions)
  • Surigoma (ground sesame seeds)
  • Oroshi Shoga (finely grated fresh ginger)
There are various types of tofu.  Hiyakakko uses the soft/silken fresh tofu.
☆If you're trying it for the first time, make sure you use enough soy sauce, break off a mouthful portion with your chopsticks, let it dip in the soy sauce before eating.  

The simple ingredients combine to create a delicate and unique flavour. 

This healthy way of preparing cold tofu is one of the most common side dishes served with Japanese meals, both in traditional Japanese restaurants and at home.

(...This post was inspired by a hiyayakko craving!)