Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sakura 2012 *Happy Easter!*

The Sakura are in full bloom here in Kawasaki.  Now is the season of new beginnings.  New school year, new jobs start, and this year for our family, the start of a new life and new home in Japan.  
♡Happy Easter Everyone♡

I couldn't pick which of these three shots I liked best, so included them all.  Which is your favorite?

There are pink sakura trees and white sakura trees, but the blossoms on this sakura tree were half white, half pink.  So pretty...

Ochibi loves the cute ducks♡

 Can you see the golden carp swimming in the stream?

Thanks for your patience while we were moving!♡

what's next on the menu...?


  1. i like your first picture the most!! hope ur settling well in japan xo take care, Jo

  2. Hi Shinobu, how very very beautiful, I have never seen the Cherry Blossoms and they only bloom for a short while someone told me? My little girl Gracie would love to come to Japan to see this. Her favourite picture is the one with the pink blossoms and little duck. Gracie asked if the Cherry Blossoms smell as beautiful as they look...

    1. Hi Deb and Gracie♡ Yes, that's right, Cherry Blossoms only last for about 2 weeks, however each tree and each variety will bloom at a slightly different time, so the cherry blossom season is from the end of March through most of April. The best time is the first and second weeks of April. Supposedly they have a sweet fragrance, but it is so faint that I can't detect it! I only know because of things like Sakura-fragranced bath salts etc! However, Sakura flowers are edible and I have had Sakura jelly, with blossoms in it, and Sakura gelato, they are delicious! I hope you and Gracie get the chance to visit Japan someday! Thanks for your comment☆

  3. Hi Little Japan Mama!
    I know I am late (4 years) to respond to these pictures but they are very endearing for me to see. When I was very young, I used to live on a military base in Tokyo. On one of their parks they had about 5 to 10 cherry blossom trees there. Late March to early April they would bloom. The wind was chilly but the sun was warm and the fragrant blossoms aroma filled the air. I used to sit on one of the picnic tables and watch the trees sway in the wind. It was a beautiful sight that I will never forget nor have I forgotten. I am thankful for you sharing your pictures. You brought back a good time of my life for me.