Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mini Onigiri Rice Mold Rabbit Bear Flower Star 4 in 1

This mold makes really mini onigiri!  The rabbit is 3x2.9cm, the bear 2.5x3.4cm, basically everything measures under 1.5 inches.  Which means a single onigiri is a single mouthful - even for my 2 1/2 year-old Ochibi!

One thing I love about this mold is that it's a 4-in-one - it's large enough to hold easily while you fill it with rice, and you may as well make all four at the same time!

Has 6 parts - Base, Top and 4 base plates make them easy to eject.

Colour is random - Green or Pink.
4 in 1 Mini Onigiri Rabbit Bear Flower Star            $4.50   BENTO SHOP CLOSED AS I'M LIVING IN AUSTRALIA

Here I've made all four shapes with 60/40 brown/white rice mix, with furikake mixed in and wakame eyes.