Sunday, October 23, 2011

More of my Pai-Shu Cream Puffs; and Why Beard Papa's is Better in Japan

(This is what I made today:)

 And here is the link to my Recipe:
♡  Pai-Shu (Cream Puffs with Cookie Crust)  ♡

Why do Beard Papa's cream puffs taste better in Japan than in Australia?  I know the answer!

I was just walking past the local Beard Papa's store here in Brisbane, when I noticed that the store looked different to the stores I saw in Japan two weeks ago.  Where are those big oven-looking things where they keep all the cream puffs?  In Australia the cream puffs were sitting cold in a display window, not an oven.

So the secret to (Japan's) Beard Papa's is:
Leave the cream puffs in the oven at low temperature until you're just about to serve them!

I generally leave them in the oven after they're done for 40 min at 100 degrees C (as I wrote in the recipe)

Maybe if you wanted to serve them 2 hours later you could leave them at 75 degrees C for longer?
I haven't tried that yet so I can't say exactly.

Anyway, I made cream puffs (again) today, this time as a special treat for my class of 12-13y.o. girls that I teach at church.
And I wanted to share them with you too, but these photos are all that are left to share now...♡

Making Custard Cream in Australia, I noticed today that it didn't turn out as yellow as when I made it in Japan.  The colour depends on the colour of the egg-yolks.  In Japan they're bright yellow but in Australia they're a slightly dull orange-colour, and the custard colour was a bit dull.  I put in a few drops of yellow food colouring to get the custard cream colour you see here:


  1. Yummy! Thanks for the lovely illustration and recipe.

  2. how do you get the creme inside the puff???

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