Wednesday, October 5, 2011

100 Yen Daiso Part 1: Bento Boxes and Miso Soup Bowls

Our last four days in Japan we're staying in Kawasaki, so I have the Lazona Shopping Mall to explore.  Lazona's 100yen shop is Daiso.  (There's no Seria here, so some of the items I showed in a previous post are not available.)  This is the real prize catalogue, so if you're a winner, tell me what you want, ok!  If you haven't clicked "like" yet, do it now, and you might get in!
Details here
These bento boxes (lunch boxes) come with the band to hold them shut.

These bento boxes have side clips, except for the teddy bear shaped one.
These are double decker lunchboxes which next for storage.  Notice that these lunchboxes don't have clips on the side.  They need a bento box band (elastic band) to go around them.

Bento box elastic bands

Chopstick and case sets to match bento box
Miso Soup Bowls of Various Designs

The bowls on the right have a sparkly green-black outer surface
There were sheep, too...


  1. Gorgeous!! all these are the prize catalogue ^^ I hope to have the chance to pick my prize.
    Thank you Shinobu-chan!

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