Wednesday, October 5, 2011

100 Yen Daiso Part 3: Chopsticks Sets, Learner Chopsticks, Onigiri Moulds, Stroller Hooks, Disney Chopsticks

Daiso 100 Yen Shopping Part 3:
Chopstick Sets, Onigiri Moulds, Cookie Cutters, Food Shape Cutters for Children's Bento, Baby Goods (Stroller Hooks and Safety Latches for cupboards)
Children's Chopsticks, Learner Chopsticks
Family Chopstick Sets

Disney Chopsticks
Disney Chopstick cases (mostly children's size)

Lunchbox Picks

Cylindrical Onigiri moulds, various sizes about 3cm long (mini onigiri) to 6-7cm long
Food Cut-out shapes (for making cute food for kids)

Baby Goods: Stroller Hooks, Safety Latches, Corner Covers

Sushi rolling mat


  1. These posts make me sooo excited to hit up the 100-yen stores in Japan!!!

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