Friday, October 14, 2011

Cream Puffs Update

For today's cream puffs I used a REAL pastry bag.  (8 for 100yen, from Daiso.)  Not a sheet of cooking paper folded into a cone (that's what I've been using until now), but a real piping bag.  It made such efficient use of the pastry that I made 16 giant cream puffs in one batch.  

They puffed so big I think I should have made 24 normal sized (big) puffs.
By the way, I always use XL eggs (59g)


  1. just looking at the pictures of your delicious food make me hungry :)

  2. Really, which one is preferable, the real pastry bag or cooking paper? by the way, I love your blogs. great work

  3. interesting! why the change? does it have anything to do with recycling or reuse?