Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sushi in Japan

1.  Salmon Tamanegi サーモンたまねぎ (Salmon with Onion)
One thing we're looking forward to in Japan is indulging in Sushi.
I mean, REAL sushi...

Yes, we do like those "spider roll", and "caterpillar roll", "tempura prawn roll" 
and even "chicken karaage roll" 
(At first it was like: "Are you serious? chicken in sushi?!"),
served in sushi restaurants outside of Japan,

but we rarely go out for sushi in Australia, because we're saving our appetite for Japan.
Not just for the variety of seafood, (but mainly for that)
but also for the sake of the purse.
Sushi Train in Australia set us back $45, (that was our budget that day) and then we came home and had second course of our dinner.  At around $4 a plate, we could only afford to eat it as an appetiser.

In Japan, however, one friend's record for number of plates of sushi 
consumed in a single meal is...

30 plates.
But then, at 105yen/plate, that's quite an affordable indulgence.
Here are the photos from our latest visit to Kappazushi, 
one of the 100 yen sushi restaurant chains in Japan.

Eating at a kaiten-zushi (sushi train) in Japan, sometimes the one you want doesn't come around.
If you know the name of what you want, it's easy to place an order.

Here is a Japanese friend's Top 15 recommendation list for when you go for sushi in Japan, 
with the names of each sushi:
(all favorites, not in order)
1.  At the top of this post was Salmon Tamanegi
2.  Ikura (salmon roe) いくら
3.  Hirame ひらめ 
4.  Sujiko (Tuna Roe on Shiso) すじこ
5.  Negitoro ネギトロ (Tuna belly with spring onion)
6.  Botan Ebi ボタン海老 (Prawn)
7.  Ama Ebi 甘エビ
8.  Asari Akadashi  あさり赤だし Miso soup with clams
9.  Crab かに
10.  Kanimiso かにみそ Crab with crab gut
(actually very popular)
11.  びんとろ Tuna Belly
12.  Kai かい shellfish
13.  Kazunoko 数の子
14.  Red Snapper たい Tai
15.  Salmon


  1. I LOVE negitoro!! I think I could eat 30 plates too :)

  2. My favourite is aburi salmon! We go to a 100 yen chain all the time. The place I go to actually has karaage, gunkan style! The pieces of chicken are kinda big though, I don't know how people would manage to put the whole thing in their mouths.

    I also agree, going to sushi in Australia is ridiculously expensive.

  3. Tai is sea bream and not red snapper. I made the same mistake years ago.

  4. I surely acquiring more difficulties from each surprisingly more little bit of it restaurant in der nähe