Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kushikatsu and Doteyaki - Osaka Local Cuisine

While staying in Osaka, we took the opportunity to savour some local cuisine - this time, Kushikatsu and Doteyaki, at a small local restaurant, Yaebuta.
We just stepped out of our hotel room, across the road and 50m along a shopping street lined with restaurants.  When we saw the line-up, we decided this was where we'd stop!
(I have to tell you again, I just love staying at this super-cheap hotel!)
Even at 5pm customers were lining up at Yaebuta. 八重豚

Kushikatsu, Shiitake, Piiman.  This stuff was amazing, and cooked right in front of us, so it was hot and as fresh and crispy as it gets.  No wonder people line up for it.
Dip each item in the sauce (like a watery Tonkatsu Sauce) before transferring it to your plate, and then gobble it up while it's hot, before grabbing the next one and repeating the process...

 This is Dote-yaki.  どて焼き
I wasn't sure what I was eating at the time, but it sure tasted good!  
I since discovered that it's beef sinew cooked in miso and mirin.
This is how to cook Doteyaki:
 And this is how to make Kushi-Katsu:
 Help yourself to the dish of complimentary cabbage leaves on the side.  They taste surprisingly good as the fresh leaves contrast the richness of the kushi-katsu.
(What an easy salad! Love it!)

Kushi means skewer and Katsu means crumbed and deep fried, originally from the English word Cutlet, as Japanese deep-fried crumbed pork cutlets are called Ton-Katsu.  
These kushi-katsu are actually thin slices of beef!

 Menu: Kushi-katsu and Doteyaki come in a set of 3 sticks for 300 yen.  All the other menu items you pay per stick, 100~400 yen depending on the item.  Order a few to begin with, and then order more as you eat them so that you get a continuous supply and varitey.
I guess this kind of restaurant is best for those who can read and speak Japanese.  If you don't then there are plenty of more modern, sometimes chain-store restaurants which are much easier to order at, and you don't have to line up at those!

But if you want to try the kushi-katsu and dote-yaki at the place the locals prefer, look for the line-up!

Copy and paste this address into google maps if you want to see the exact location: 
Yaebuta is a 5 min walk from either Doubutsuen-mae Subway Station or JR Shin-Imamiya Sation.  


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