Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Bento Box Set - Made in Japan

Since living in Japan I just love the way everyday items are designed to be so easy to use.  This 840ml+ Black Two-tier Bento Box Set is not just a stylish modern design, it's also seriously practical.  

It includes a lower box with internal lid and an upper box with an airtight external lid with clips which snap shut on the sides of the lower box, holding it all tightly together.  It comes with an internal divider and an 18cm pair of chopsticks.

The upper box has a silicone seal in the lid to help prevent leakage and and an inner divider to separate your okazu.  The silicone seal is excellent quality and easily removable for washing.  

The divider fits snugly so it stays in place, and can be moved to your desired position, or removed if you prefer.

The lower box is perfect for holding your rice.  The internal lid doubles as the chopstick compartment.

Compact Storage:  The upper box nests inside the lower box and the upper lid clips it shut to perfectly hold it all together in a more compact form for carrying home and storage.

Size: L            This bento box is the perfect size for a man's full bento lunch.
840ml+ :   Lower box 460ml, Upper box 400ml   (+ approx 100ml space under the lid)
Microwave safe for re-heating, only with both lids removed.

Upper and lower containers:  PP   Heat resistance: 140°C
External (upper) lid: PS Resin    Internal lid: PE     (Lids not heat resistant, do not microwave)
BPA free

Made in Japan by OSK

Black Two-tier Bento Box set with Chopsticks  

I tested the upper lid seal by half-filling the upper box with water and shaking it upside-down. Completely dry.  It didn't leak even a drop, which is more than I can say for a similar non-made-in-Japan bento box I tested.  While I can't guarantee that the seal of your box won't leak under any circumstances - and I don't physically test every box I send out - so far for me, the upper compartment of this bento box has been 100% leak proof!


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