Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ladies' Bento Box Sets - Made in Japan

Durable, precision quality and 100% practical.  That's what makes these 630ml+ ladies bento box sets my favourite.

... Did I mention feminine and cute??

"Flower River" features a very slightly translucent jelly-pink upper and lower box and divider, and a cherry blossom coloured (very pale pink) external (upper) lid with a playful flower design.  Your bento was never so exciting as when it came in a colour which seemed to call "eat me!"

"Forest Color", with its nature-loving leafy design, has light yellow-green upper and lower boxes and end clips, with both external (upper) lid and internal lid in pure white.  Lunch is a time to relax, and if you can't be physically surrounded by nature, you may as well have a bento box which lets you imagine it.

Each set includes:
  • Lower box with internal lid which doubles as the chopstick compartment,
  • Upper box with an airtight external lid with clips which snap shut on the ends of the lower box, holding it all tightly together,
  • Internal divider - for the upper box, to keep your okazu separate and perfect
  • A pair of matching 16.5cm chopsticks
  • Matching lunch bag

The silicone seal in the external (upper) lid is excellent quality (passed my water leak test - details below) and easily removable for washing.  

Size: M            (This bento boxes is the perfect size for my bento lunch.)
Total 630ml :    Lower box 330ml,  Upper box 300ml   (+ approx 100ml space under the lid)
Dimensions:  193x63x89mm
Freezer safe
Microwave safe for re-heating, only with both lids removed.

Upper and lower containers:  PP   Heat resistance: 140°C   Microwave Safe
External (upper) lid: AS    Internal lid: EVA      (Lids not heat resistant, do not microwave)
Chopsticks:  AS
Made in Japan by SKATER

Ladies' Two-tier Bento Box Set with Chopsticks and Bag

 I tested the upper lid seal by half-filling the upper box with water and shaking it upside-down. Completely dry.  It didn't leak even a drop, which is more than I can say for a similar non-made-in-Japan bento box I tested.  While I can't guarantee that the seal of your box won't leak under any circumstances - and I don't physically test every box I send out - so far for me, the upper compartment of this bento box has been 100% leak-free!



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