Monday, September 5, 2011

Our home is a Yakiniku Restaurant

...That's the English translation of the name of our favorite Yakiniku Sauce:

Yakiniku doesn't have to mean an expensive restaurant.
It is so simple to prepare at home.
Super easy.  Super oishii (yummy).

"Yaki" means "grill" and "niku" means "meat".  It's table cooking (electric grill or frypan work fine), so, just like Sukiyaki, it's a lot of fun.

How to Make Yakiniku
(Here's an example of what I used last night)
  • Meat:  Thinly sliced beef, with a little sake, sesame oil, +/- garlic and salt, sliced chicken marinated with sake, oil and salt.
  • Vegetables:  sliced onion, thinly sliced pumpkin, cabbage (cut 2 inch squares), enoki mushrooms, carrot.  I love the onion.
  • Sauce:  Yakiniku Sauce (called Yakiniku Ta-re in Japanese).  Served in a small dipping bowl for each person. Yakiniku Sauce Recipe Here
  • Steamed Rice:  in a small bowl for each person.
  • Chopsticks.
Too easy.  Everyone does the cooking and eating together.  Don't you love not having to cook?

More Meat:
We also like ox tongue (skin removed and thinly sliced, sprinkled lightly with salt and pepper) or heart (thinly sliced, marinated with sesame oil and garlic).  Ox tongue (beef tongue) is $5/kilo at Woolworths supermarket here. I think that's the cheapest meat in Australia.  Tastes buttery and a little rubbery.  I love it though.  Sendai is famous for it.

More Vegetables:
Eggplant, bell peppers (in Japan we have Piiman), zucchini are my favourites with yakiniku.  I always have a ton of veggies.
Moyashi (bean sprouts) also go well, as do regular button mushrooms.

You can make your own yakiniku ta-re or gomadare (sesame seed sauce) with my recipes (click link to see each recipe).  
Some meats like gyu-tan also taste good with Ponzu (bought, or try mixing soy sauce, lemon juice and a little sugar)  I'll post about that too...


  1. i need to get me one of that grilling stuff like yours? where did u get yours?

  2. @The Hart'sThanks for your comment♡ Actually a workmate sold it to me for $10! Bargain hey!... Other things you could use are: A steak griddle over a gas flame cooker, or just a large frypan on gas cooker or electric frypan. The important thing is that you need to be able to do it on the table! I'm going to do another yakiniku post soon with more photos of the various meats we use♡

  3. Hi Shinobu, I am so happy and grateful I bumped into your blog.. I'm a Japanese Food fans and I am so excited to see all the posts shared by you.. I can't wait to try them all.. planning to try the Gyudon this weekend.. =D
    Wanted to try Yakiniku + Sukiyaki one day with my family too... :)
    May I know if you have posted the sauce recipes? I am afraid I can't get the sauce from supermarket.. I'm in Malaysia...
    Thanks again Shinobu! =) Appreciate your posts very much! =)


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  6. if i don't have sake can i change it with something else?

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