Monday, May 14, 2012

Flower Shape Vegetable Cutters (Made in Japan)

Can be used not only for carrots and other vegetables, but for cheese, ham, cookies etc etc!

These are my LOVE LOVE LOVE kitchen item.  I thought "who has the time to cut carrots with one of those!" (I used to cut 5 little wedges down the sides of my carrots, and thought surely that was faster.)  But then I started using these guys, and to my surprise, I am hooked!  They are much faster and more efficient than I had thought.  No longer do I need to peel my carrots! Just slice them, and then press with one of these.  These stainless steel cutters are strong and I can easily cut several flowers at a time by stacking the carrot slices.  I usually cut through about 3cm thickness at a time, so it doesn't take long to turn a whole carrot into flowers!  
As I have both the regular small cutters (that you may have seen elsewhere) and also the large cutters, I can efficiently use a whole carrot, with little more wastage than peeling carrots.  Since I don't like waste, I usually eat the edges, if my little boy doesn't gobble them up!  A mixture of large and small flowers is even more adorable, too.

Even if the carrot slice is slightly smaller than the cutter, it still works! Have a look at my Sweet and Sour Chicken below.  Some of those flowers were cut from carrot slices that were slightly smaller than the diameter of the cutters.  The inward points of the flower cutter still cut wedges in the edge of the carrot slice and they still have the cute flower appearance, in this case with certainly less wastage than peeling!

These cutters are made in Japan, so they are really excellent quality.

Stainless Steel
Approximate Measurements:
Small Cutters: Diameter: 2.7cm, Height: 3.9cm      Diameter: 1 inch, Height: 1.5 inch
Large Cutters: Diameter: 3.9cm, Height: 5.2cm      Diameter: 1.5 inch, Height: 2 inch

Flower Shape Vegetable Cutters (Made in Japan) Three Small  $3.50 OUT OF STOCK
Flower Shape Vegetable Cutters (Made in Japan) Two Large   $3.50   IN STOCK
Sorry, LJM Bento Shop is closed as I am living in Australia now.


  1. I've been longing to find those in order to try and have "japanese looking" bentos, with all the cuteness included. I know I still have a long way with that but it will help a lot, thx !!!

    (It's really important to me to be able to encourage Japan buy choosing Japan made things, so I chose not to buy the chinese cheaper version)

  2. I've just ordered some of these and can't wait to start using them. So cute!!! I was looking for nori punches and found so much more! What a fantastic site.

    I can't wait to try some of the recipes too. Especially the Japanese cream puffs. They look so good!

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