Friday, May 25, 2012

Pan-Pita Japanese Sandwich Maker

Don't you just love cute Japanese sandwiches?  

What I love about the Pan-Pita is that the fillings can't fall out when you eat your sandwich!  This is a big deal when you have a 2-year-old.  

At first I thought the crusts would be wasted, but I've found that crusts are handy for making french toast fingers and other deserts, or process them to make soft panko breadcrumbs, which are the secret ingredient to Japanese mini hamburg that stay soft even when cold! (a bento okazu staple)

Even if I decide to leave the crusts on, it's a handy way for me to seal sandwiches for my little boy.
Below you'll see photographs demonstrating how simply it works.


Pan-Pita Japanese Sandwich Maker  $3.60
Sorry... LJM Bento Shop is closed and no longer selling anything as I am living in Australia now.

 One tip: Don't over-fill the sandwiches!  Just a small amount in the middle of the bread works best.


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