Monday, May 14, 2012

Easy Nigiri Sushi Maker

This is definitely a sushi-lover's favorite.  No longer do we have to spend hours shaping nigirizushi by hand, this Easy Nigiri Sushi Maker produces five perfectly shaped, perfectly sized nigirizushi at a time.  Each sushi rice ball will measure approximately 55mm long x 29mm wide x 22mm tall.

Simply place rice inside, heaped a little above the top of the mold, put the lid on and press together.  
Remove the lid, tip it over and press the tabs on the back to eject each nigiri sushi.
What would you like on top? Salmon? Maguro?  Scallops? Shrimp? Egg?

Sushi rice shaped by this handy device also make excellent Gunkan Nigiri (Boat Sushi).
Just wrap a strip of nori around it and place your filling on top.


Easy Nigiri Sushi Maker 
Sorry... LJM Bento Shop is closed and no longer selling anything as I am living in Australia now.

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