Thursday, May 24, 2012

Animal Shape Cutters - 9 Piece Set

This set is a lot of fun, especially for kids or if you're into "Deco-Ben" (Decoration Bento).

With this 9-piece set, you can make a bear, a frog, a rabbit, a penguin and a bird, and give them round, oval or winking eyes, feet for your penguin and bird and otherwise use your imagination to create many different effects using each cutter.

Each animal measures 2.5~4.5cm.

Plastic Animal Food Cutter Set     SORRY! OUT OF STOCK
Sorry... LJM Bento Shop is closed and no longer selling anything as I am living in Australia now.

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  1. This is the coolest page on the internet. That's where I've started navigating on this blog and I'm totally fond of those cute minimos. I can't wait to try and use them!

    I've waited for them to be available before making my order after I saw your announce, they're the number one reason I've ordered here :) I love you <3