Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to Make Crisp Golden Takoyaki (Part 3)

This is part 3 of  Takoyaki Tutorial
(How to Turn Takoyaki into Crisp-Shelled Balls)

1.  Use picks to divide semi-cooked batter on the plate between the holes.  Push batter edges over the hole.
2.  Gently turn each takoyaki into a ball by getting the picks between plate and ball and using a lifting-flicking-rolling motion.
 3.  Repeat steps 1-2 for each takoyaki.  

4.  Go over the plate again incorporating any loose bits into the balls, turning the balls again.

5.  When all your takoyaki are ball-shaped, pour a drizzle of oil onto the hotplate in-between the takoyaki - enough that the oil goes into the holes under the takoyaki.  This makes the surface of the takoyaki crispy as they actually fry in the oil.  Keep turning balls until they are crispy and golden.

6.  Serve immediately topped with Takoyaki Sauce and things such as: Japanese Mayonnaise, Ao-nori, Katsuo-bushi and Ao-negi (Finely sliced green shallots)

初めClick here for: Ingredients (Part 1)


  1. おいしいそう! I love takoyaki and want make my own but it seems so complicated. Those look delicious!

    1. Michelle, I have to admit, takoyaki are not the easiest thing to perfect, but as long as you have the equipment, the basic idea is pretty simple. It just takes a little practice. Or maybe you can try some other recipes, almost everything else here is very easy! Good luck!☆

  2. Heh. Great posts on takoyaki. Thanks!

    The recipe worked first time!

    My only sadness is the balls don't stay crispy for long. I might try adding baking powder to try and get more crispness. They do this on fish n chip batter. Maybe it'll work for this !

    Also: I substitued chicken stock with curry powder. Very tasty.