Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to Make Crisp Golden Takoyaki (Part 1)

Yes, this is home made Takoyaki:
Here they're served in a boat I got from Gindaco.
Here is the secret method to get your takoyaki balls crispy, golden and perfectly round, just like  Gindaco!

(for if you can get Takoyaki mix) 
  • Takoyaki-no-ko
  • water (as per packet instructions)
  • eggs (as per packet instructions)
  • Boiled Octopus, sliced up
  • oil
  • a handful of tenkasu
  • finely sliced negi (shallots)
  • sakura-ebi (tiny dried prawns), optional
  • beni-shoga(red pickled ginger) (we didn't use it this time)
On top:
  • Takoyaki Sauce (or Okonomi or Tonkatsu sauce)
  • Japanese Mayonnaise
  • Katsuobushi
  • Ao-nori
1. To make the batter: Stir together Takoyaki-no-ko, water and eggs (and sakura-ebi and beni-shoga if you have them)
The mixture will be like a thin milky soup.
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  1. @LaviniaThanks Lavinia☆ You should try it someday!

  2. This looks wonderful! May I repost it and share with my friends at sakuragakuen.org? We can link back to your site.

    1. sakuragakuen> Thank-you it would be an honor. You are welcome to repost as long as you clearly show that this recipe is from Littlejapanmama.com and link back. I also have a video which I haven't posted yet, and I think that might be even more useful.

  3. I just moved to Brisbane and couldn't find Takoyaki balls. I love this food. Maybe I should just do it myself. Where can I buy the cooker for Takoyaki balls?
    Thank you for your help. I love your website.

    1. Hi Tess, that's a good question! I've only ever bought takoyaki hotplates in Japan, I'm sorry! An easy alternative is to have a look in the freezer of a good Korean grocery store like Hanaro mart in Sunnybank. You can buy a large bag of frozen takoyaki, quite cheap. Not as fun as making them yourself, but they're not too bad!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi jacko and beauty, takoyaki no ko is takoyaki packet mix, or, literally, takoyaki flour.

  5. Hi there. How did you cook the octopus? Medium sized octopuses are pretty expensive in my area and I usually buy the small octopus but whenever I boil it, it turns out rubbery and has that fishy taste.

    1. Hi Angie Phan, the octopus is just boiled. In japan boiled octopus is sold in supermarkets, but if your octopus is uncooked, just boil plenty of water and drop it in and let it cook until done. I think octopus is going to be

    2. ...a bit rubbery anyway but that's fine. If it's fresh it should have a good octopus taste. Anyway, even if you can't get perfect octopus, any boiled octopus is fine. You only put a small piece in each takoyaki ball, and it gives the whole thing a yummy flavour.

  6. Heh. Great posts on takoyaki. Thanks!

    The recipe worked first time!

    My only sadness is the balls don't stay crispy for long. I might try adding baking powder to try and get more crispness. They do this on fish n chip batter. Maybe it'll work for this !

    Also: I substitued chicken stock with curry powder.