Friday, November 4, 2011

Gindaco Takoyaki

My son is crazy about Takoyaki, like I'm crazy about Cream Puffs.
Takoyaki are crisp-shelled balls of hot dashi-flavoured goo with a little piece of octopus in the middle, 
a relative of okonomiyaki and monjayaki.
(Click here for a step-by-step Takoyaki tutorial)
Gindaco is one of his favorites.  Gindaco Takoyaki can be found all over Japan (and now Singapore).  I heard that it's Japan's most popular takoyaki chain, and well deserved too, their delicious takoyaki have especially crisp shells.  
Here's the local Gindaco. 
Here's a Gindaco takoyaki tutorial: (笑)
 Served in a wooden boat, topped with ao-nori and katsuo-bushi, mayonnaise on the side and giant toothpicks to eat them with. 
 Inside a Gindako Takoyaki ball:

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