Monday, November 21, 2011

Soft Shell Crab Sushi

Here is my photo tutorial for how to make Soft Shell Crab Sushi (maki-zushi).
I don't make soft-shell crab sushi often, but it was specially requested.  To be honest, I've never eaten soft shell crab in Japan, but it's very popular as sushi (maki-zushi) in Western countries and other Asian countries.

1.  Place the sheet of nori rough-side-up on the bamboo rolling mat.
2.  Wet your hands with vinegar-water mixture and grab a handful of prepared sushi rice.  Shape the rice into an oblong shape.
3.  Starting from the left side, push the rice ball across the nori with the (index finger edge) edge of your right hand, spreading the rice thinly and evenly across the nori.  Vice versa if you're left handed. 
(I've just had right shoulder surgery and couldn't use my right arm so you can see me clumsily doing this backward here with my left hand)
Leave a 1.5 inch gap at the far-edge of the nori, and 1/2 inch gap at the near-edge.
 4.  Place fillings across the centre of the rice.  I've used Soft shell crab and cucumber.  I placed half a sheet of nori over the rice which also makes it easier to roll.  This is just another variation.  A smear of wasabi goes very well here too.
5.  Rolling:    My one piece of advice for the novice: Your thumb-action is very important here.  

5.1  Glide a wet finger over the far-edge of the nori.  (This is to hold it together when it's done.)
5.2  Pick up the near edge of the bamboo mat and nori with your fingertips.  With your fingertips, tuck the near-edge of nori over the fillings, at the same time using your thumbs to bring the sushi mat over the top.
5.3  Continue pushing over with your thumbs while gathering the bamboo mat with your fingers, to roll the sushi into a tight cylinder.  
5.4  Now that you have your cylinder of sushi, using the bamboo mat to shape it slightly squarely can make it tighter.
5.5  Slice with a freshly sharpened, wet knife, in a gentle sawing motion.
When i get around to it, I'll post about the other steps involved: 
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  1. Yummo!! Ahhh, if only I had your talent and your Asian grocery store (^w^)

  2. @Emily Emily, I'm sure if you tried it you would find that you are just as talented at making sushi! *\(^o^)/*
    But a good Asian Grocery Store in your city... I wish you had one too... ;;;><;;;

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