Monday, November 21, 2011

One Dish Meals

Do you like easy?  I definitely like easy when it comes to making dinner.  
Here are a few of the one-dish-meal recipes posted so far.  
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Cream Stew
(I'll be adding more one-dish-meals to this page as they come)

Of the first eleven non-desert recipes that I've posted so far, eight just happen to be one-dish-meals.  I think this reflects on my personality and personal preference in cooking - I love doing things the easy way!

A typical Japanese meal consists of rice, miso soup and some kinds of o-kazu. (O-kazu means whatever meat/protein or vegetables that you have with your rice, for example grilled fish, pickled cucumber, tofu, salad, etc)
My mother wasn't interested in making miso soup plus three other dishes for each meal of the day, (maybe that's why she married an Australian?!) and most days, neither am I.

And so you've seen the first few months of Little Japan Mama have often featured one-dish-meals.