Friday, May 11, 2012

Sakura White Furoshiki

Size: 67cm x 67cm.  26.4 x 26.4 inches
Material: Polyester 100% 
Semi-Wrinkle Resistant (Although you can’t avoid getting a few wrinkles when tying knots in cloth!)
This is an elegant Soft Pink and Red Sakura design which is all the way through the cloth. (Equally beautiful on both sides.)
As it is a large furoshiki, it can be tied in various ways and can also be used as a handbag.  Various tying diagram instructions are shown on the packaging.


About Furoshiki

A furoshiki is the traditional way to carry your bento box and also serves as a lunchmat and napkin!  This one is the perfect size for all the bento boxes you see in this store.
To use, place your bento box diagonally in the centre of the furoshiki, fold opposing corners over the box, tie the other corners together, and you’re done!  The top knot becomes the carry handle for your bundle of goodies.
There are various other ways a furoshiki can be tied, and many other uses depending on how it's tied.


  1. Hi!, I know is a bit mmm past this post but I was wondering if you still sell these, because it's been long since I've been looking for a beautiful sakura furoshiki design and yours is perfect! please let me know I'm very interested, also if you have other designs I would like to see them, thanks!


    My email is

    1. Hi Mel! Yes I still have them in stock but unfortunately I'm not in Japan right now so I can't send them to you. I don't know yet when I'll next be back in Japan, maybe in May and June, but I can't say yet. I will post all the shop links back onto my blog page when I do go back to Japan, and the shop will again be open for the 6 weeks I will be in Japan. Sorry about that!

  2. no problem, just let me know, I live in Finland, can you ship here? I hope so :) and looking forward to hear from you there are many things I'll like to order from you ^w^, you have good taste and I like a lot of the items you sell plus your tips are incredibly helpful, thank you!!!