Monday, May 14, 2012

Onigiri Rice Mold with Handle - Heart and Cherry Blossom Set

Turns rice into a cute bento filler!  This set features a handle so you can fill the mold by scooping the rice.  The cherry blossom onigiri can also be decorated as a star shape onigiri.

1.  Wet the mold and use it to scoop the rice so it is heaped up.   (If necessary, use a spoon to make the rice even and push it in more.)  Have the rice a little higher than the top of the mold.
2.  Push the lid on.
3.  Remove the lid, turn it over and push the tab on the bottom of the mold to eject your heart or cherry blossom onigiri!

Produces Onigiri with a thickness/height of: 3.2 cm
Heart Onigiri Width approx 7cm      2 3/4 inch
Cherry Blossom Onigiri Width approx 6.2cm    2 1/3 inch

Textured inner surface to help prevent rice from sticking.


320  Onigiri Mold Set - Heart and Cherry Blossom/Star - with handle  Sale Price $3.50

Onigiri Mold - Heart and Cherry Blossom