Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bento Box with Seal - PInk Rabbit and Yellow Bear

134  Bento Box with Seal - Yellow Bear    $4.90   Sale Price $3.80

Just right for a child's bento lunch.  Compared to the Square Mini Kid's Bento Box, this box has a wider surface area which is ideal for Japanese style child's bento with rice and various okazu. 

Volume: written 360ml 12.2 fl oz   
(I actually measured: container 330ml + space under lid 100ml)     
Size(incl clips): 15cm x 11.5cm        6"x4.5"
Container Inner Size: 14cm x 10cm x Height 4.6cm      5.5"x 4"x height 1.8"

Heat Capacity:
Base and Lid:  -20°~120°C       -4°~248°F
Clips:             -30°~80°C         -22°~176°F
Microwave-safe for re-heating, remove lid first.

Bento Box with Seal - Yellow Bear

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