Friday, May 11, 2012

Oval Slimline 2 Tier Bento Box Set

This Set Includes:
1x Two-Tier Nesting Bento Box
1x Black Bento Band - satin touch
1x Pair of Matching Chopsticks

Upper+Lower Compartment Combined Capacity:  600 mL (20.3 fl oz)
Microwave safe for gentle warming only (remove all lids before microwaving)
Heat resistance: -20°C to 100°C.    -4 to 212°F

Fun, good sized bento box with all you need.
To be honest, the quality is pretty basic, but so is the price.
Designed for use with bento-type foods, not for use with soupy foods (not leak-proof)
Made in China

These Bento Boxes actually have three levels - a chopstick compartment, an upper box and a lower box.  The upper and lower case nest together for compact storage.  
With two boxes, you can perfectly separate two parts of your lunch.  For example:
Place rice in the lower compartment, with okazu in the upper compartment, or vice versa. (okazu means things to eat with rice, eg chicken, fish, pickled vegetables, fish cake, stir-fry etc)
Then when you have finished your lunch, the lower box nests neatly inside the empty upper box, making it super-compact for carrying home.

Oval 2 Tier Nesting Bento Box with Band and Chopsticks - Pink Kaleidoscope$4.90 Sale Price $4.40
Oval 2 Tier Nesting Bento Box with Band and Chopsticks - Black Polkadot     Sold Out, Sorry!

Oval 2 Tier Nesting Bento Box WITH Band AND Chopsticks


  1. Out of this bento box, and the two-tier bento box that is 500 ml which would you say is the better quality ? I did want the two-tier one because there is more range in colours and looks a bit more chic and fashionable, but then this one is larger

    1. The 500ml made in japan box is better quality.Generally things made in japan are better quality.

  2. Ok, thanks for the help ^-^

  3. Is the black one back in stock? I am not going to purchaise any sooner then the middle of December because I will be away on holiday but I hope I will still find the items I want when I next check

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