Friday, May 18, 2012

Hana Koto Bento Box and Bag Sets

Hana Koto Bento Box with Seal

This 480ml bento box is perfect for a child's bento or or as an okazu box to take along with onigiri.
It has a silicone seal to help prevent leaks.

Size: S
Volume written on the packaging as 480ml, however I measured the container to be 430ml, plus up to 100ml space under the lid.
length 15.5cm (14.5 cm) x width 12cm (10cm) x height 4.5cm   (internal measurements in parenthesis)
length  6” (5.7”) x width 4 3/4” (4”) x height 1 3/4”

Heat Capacity:
Base and Lid:  -20°~120°C       -4°~248°F
Clips:             -30°~80°C         -22°~176°F

Microwave-safe for re-heating, remove lid first.

Hana Koto Bento Bag
The matching bag is the perfect size for the bento box with room above it for your chopsticks and onigiri or fruit.

100% Cotton
Approximate Size: Width 16cm x Height 16cm x Depth 10cm    
Length 6.3” x Height 6.3” x Width 4”

Hana Koto Bento Box and Bag Set