Friday, May 18, 2012

Banana Case

 More crazy Japanese things that I love... you have these in your country??

This is a banana case.  (Just saying it makes me laugh.)  A banana case keeps your banana from getting bruised in your bag.  So clever I never would have thought of it.

Actually I've seen a few various kinds of banana cases.  What I really like about this one in particular is that it's just the right size.  Some banana cases I've seen before were so big I think your banana might get lost in there.  This one is just right for anything but an extremely large banana.  And it bends in just the right place.

Outer Curvature Length 30cm  Inner Curvature Length 20cm

And since it's one of my favorite Japanese things I'll put it in my shop.  Here you go:

Banana Case

813 Banana Case  $2.80

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