Friday, May 18, 2012

Fruit Knife with Fully Washable Sheath

Whenever I went on a picnic, barbecue, camping or did a dinner party at a friend’s house in Australia, I wished I had one of these -  a knife with a sheath.  (I can’t believe I used to wrap my knives in newspaper and tape!

Now you may have seen knives with sheaths before, but this is no ordinary knife sheath.  What do you do when you’re at the park and you’ve finished using your knife?  There’s no-where to wash and dry it, so you put it in the sheath, together with orange or onion residue.  Eeeeugh...

But with this baby, no worries!   This sheath has alternatingly positioned openings on its sides, which allow the entire insides of the sheath to be easily washed, after you get home.  Another brilliant idea that I would never have thought of.  So here you go, you can have one, too.

812  Fruit Knife with Fully Washable Sheath     $2.90

Fruit Knife with Fully Washable Sheath


  1. That’s quite a unique fruit knife, but what is exceptional is the sheath. I will borrow the design to make my own knife sheath from scratch. I found resourceful step-by-step guidelines for building a knife sheath here: