Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mini Onigiri Mold Set - Flower and Bear

 What I love about these is the 3-dimensional shape of the top of the onigiri!  The flower petals are rounded and the centre of the flower is indented, just like a real flower!
And the place for the bear's nose is indented so you can place a little ball of rice in a different colour for his nose.

The flower and bear mini onigiri molds make perfect-sized onigiri for my little Ochibi's bento box.

Their small size also makes them easier for a small child to eat.

Very easy to use, just fill, press and push the white backing to eject.  (The molds have a hold in the base to poke your finger through.)
Flower 4.5cm diameter

Mini Onigiri Mold Set - Flower and Bear  $3.60


  1. Hi Shinobu,
    We received our package and have been busy using the flower and bear onigiri press for my 2 yr old daughter's meals and using the veg cutters to make 'hana ringo'. She's quite impressed! Thanks for everything; correspondence, postage and great recipes on this web site! We've already had two lots of the choux creams!!!