Friday, May 18, 2012

Disney Stitch Complete Bento Set

Stitch Bento Case Set of Two:
Two microwave-safe and freezer-safe bento cases 230mL each.  Used together (total 460mL) are the perfect size for a child's bento lunch.  

Size: 8.8cm x 8.8cm x Height 4.6cm
Heat Capacity:
Bases:  -20°~120°C       -4°~248°F
Lids:    -20°~70°C        -4°〜158°F
Microwave-safe for re-heating only, remove lids first.

Stitch Bento Bag
16cm tall x 22.5cm long x 9 cm wide
100% Polyester
Closure with double drawstrings which are also the carry handle.

Stitch Bento Box Band
Just the right size to fit almost any bento box.
Sorry, these are not for sale (Since I discovered that re-selling licensed goods is not actually legal)


  1. omg!!! WHERE DID YOU FIND THESE?!?!? I LOVE stitch!!! and this set is SUPER adorable!!!! email me!

  2. Very cute! Where did you find this set?

  3. OMG!!! My daughter would love this^^ Please email me where you found this. My email is
    thank you^^

    1. Hi!
      I got these from "Can Do" in Mizonokuchi, Japan. Unfortunately they are not selling them anymore.