Monday, May 14, 2012

Display Top Bento Box

This is a quality Japanese-made bento box.  I recommend this one if you want to do cute deco-ben (decoration bento) as it is relatively spacious and single-tier.

I should have taken a photo of this bento box with a fancy deco-ben displayed inside, it would have been much more impressive!  Instead, I'll ask you to imagine it!☆
...Well, that's the idea of the transparent top!

Holding 480ml in the container plus around 100ml extra space under the lid, it has room for even an adult bento.

The removable silicone seal on the lid helps prevent spills, and when the lid is off, the base is an attractive dish with a flat lip.  That's just one of the details that makes it a "bento box", different to your average plastic container.  As well as this, the base edges are rounded, which makes it easy to scoop out food with your chopsticks, and also makes it easier to clean thoroughly, making it more hygienic.

Microwave Safe (remove lid)
Base Temperature Resistance:  -20°〜120°C  (Lid is not heat resistant so remove before microwave reheating)

112   Display Top Bento Box - Pink, Cream        $4.30



  1. Hi , if I wanted to order a green display top bento box in a few days would that be possible , and would it be the same same price as the other colors ? Thanks , Diane

    1. Sure, Diane, I'll get some and add it to the paypal button tomorrow! Of course, it'll be the same price as the others.

    2. Green Display Top Bento Box is listed and available to add to cart! ^_^

    3. Base Temperature Resistance: -20°〜120°C

  2. Thanks so much , I'll be buying one as soon as I've been to the bank