Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kids' Training Chopsticks - Bear Hinge

These are definitely the easiest chopsticks for little kids to use - even my 2-year old son can use them.

A cute bear is the guide who holds the hinge at the top.  The tips are large and flattened to make it easy to pick things up.

The orange-coloured part is a thumb-rest.  The other chopstick has a widened flat part for holding between your index and middle fingers.  Done that?  You've got it!

590  Kids' Training Chopsticks - Bear Hinge    $2.90

Kids' Training Chopsticks - Bear HInge


  1. My 3-year-old has been very picky about his food recently, but he got really excited when I gave him his new chopsticks. He demanded that I give him back the lunch he had rejected, and he ate it all up! Thanks for such a cute product!

  2. :-) Kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED to order!